August 20, 2017




I am retiring after 25 years as Minister of Unity of Delray Beach and will become “Minister-at-Large.” I will continue to send you your Weekly Wisdom…nothing will change. However, if you wish to continue receiving information on the UPCOMING EVENTS at Unity of Delray Beach, there will be a way for you to click and sign up in the near future. Stay tuned!




The Truth and the Law


1.    Your outer world of form and experience is a reflection of your inner world of thoughts and feelings. As above, so below. As within, so without. That is the Law.



2.    The greater your awareness of the Presence of God within you, the more that Presence fills your consciousness. That is the Law.


3.    The deeper your understanding of Spirit as the Source, Substance and Activity of your supply, the more permanently that Truth will be etched in your consciousness. That is the Law.


4.    It is your spiritual consciousness – your Knowledge of the Presence of God within you as total and complete fulfillment – that interprets itself as every form or experience in your world. That is the Law.


—John Randolph Price, The ABUNDANCE Book

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Richest Blessings,
Nancy Norman

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